About yesterday…

I had so much planned for yesterday. Then my day started with my coffee escaping from the bottom of my favourite coffee cup.

I thought I was just having a morning moment at first. After all, I was pretty sleepy. My evening cuppa had been absolutely fine but yesterday morning it just seeped away over the worktop. I suspected the faeries may have been at work.

Sure enough, when I woke up enough to check, there was the teeniest fracture in the bottom of the cup.  The universe had spoken. Yesterday was a day to play.

Yes I was supposed to be working. I had a new website to launch, a fundraiser to plan and stories to prepare for Interfaith week next week. But instead we spent the day exploring some of the new stock for the stall, and ended up treating ourselves to a new game, book and yoga CD. Well… the universe and the faeries had said we needed a play day 😉

We spent the day playing Stone Soup (new) and Children of the World (an old favourite) then practised our stories before heading off to Circus Club. It was great. Even getting completely soaked by the most torrential rain on the way home didn’t matter, yesterday was a day to play.

I suspect the universe had a part to play in the rain too. I mean, I really did intend to get back to work in the evening. But after getting soaked to the skin, I really couldn’t be bothered. Good thing too. It turned out our modem had decided to bite the dust and we were without internet *gasp* with the exception of my not-so-smart smart phone (nokia x3-02), or my laptop which no longer has a functioning letter “T”.

Needless to say, I am so glad I listened to the universe yesterday. Everything still (sort of) got done and there’s still tomorrow to come.

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